#941. Introducing Photos of the Month and meet-ups

By pascaljappy | News

Dec 16

It’s been brought to my attention that some of the content on DS is a bit “labour intensive” for readers. And that the occasional easy-going post would be welcome. Fine by me. Here are two suggestions that were recently spoken gently to my ear by Paul and Philippe and that could help us provide intelligent fun πŸ™‚

Idea for the meetups and photograph inspired by Paul



So, we’re trying to run high profile workshops. But those, by their very nature, are expensive, few and far between and require serious mental commitment from participants. Which is cool for the promise of quick transformation we are trying to offer.

But, sometimes, you just want to visit an interesting location with photo buddies, enjoy the shooting and enjoy the company.

Hence the idea of meetups between readers (and contributors).


It turns out, we just were on such a meetup (all the pics on this page are from that occasion). Steve, Paul and I spent the best part of 3 days together in London photographing what could hardly be described as touristy areas and delighting in the local food and drink.

This may well be the very last time I visit the UK easily, without the hassle of customs and duty the Brits have decided to inflict upon themselves and unpon the rest of the world. What that will do to their tourism remains to be seen.

But we will be back nonetheless and there are also plenty of other areas we’d like to explore with our cameras for the same sort of length of time.


So, a new page will be created for workshops and meetups. This will allow anyone to post a trip idea and find buddies to partake.

Unlike workshops, these will not be organised beyond the suggestion of specific areas. Participants book their own flights/trains/lodging. But the organiser can make suggestions to help out. Or a large Airbnb stay can be organised to share expenses. The organiser will decide what works best for her/him and others can chose to follow or not.

Obviously, prices will be very low or free. If the organiser gets involved in some planning beyond just chosing routes, it may be fair to say a little thank you, but the idea is to keep this as cheap/free as possible.


Photos of the month


You can thank Philippe for that idea.

And missa like it a lot. The way I see it, our (somewhat) monthly challenges are exercises in creativity. And the new “monthly personal bests” would be an exercices in curating. And that’s a cool structure.

So, how does this work? Every month, we’ll collect whatever photos you have sent us and will publish a post containing the ones we like best. Ideally, we’d like 2 or 3 lines (or more if you feel like it) of story/context sent with each photograph.


So, whenever you have made a (new) photograph you like and feel like sharing, just send it to me (pascal dot jappy at gmail dot com), just like for challenges, in a medium size (1000-2000 pix long edge) jpeg, with a couple of lines (or more) explaining the backstory.

And that’s it πŸ™‚

We’ll alternate between challenge posts and best of posts over our usual 4-6 week rythm (meaning one such post every 2 – 3 weeks).


What say you?


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  • John Wilson says:

    Sounds like a plan to me. Let the shooting begin.

  • Sounds great, especially the meetup idea. Thanks for all you do for ds.

  • PaulB says:

    I like it!

    Meet ups should be fun.

    • pascaljappy says:

      Yes. Whereabbout are you?

      • PaulB says:


        The easy answer is the US Pacific Northwest (Seattle, WA).

        To be more specific, 10 miles west of Seattle across Puget Sound, near Bremerton.

        So for a short notice meet up I can go most places in the Seattle Metro-area.

        With a week or two notice I might be able to participate in Portland, OR.

        Vancouver, BC, would need a bit more notice.

        • pascaljappy says:

          OK, that’s one very tempting idea πŸ˜‰ I’d have to couple that to a long visit since it is thousands of miles from home. But the area seems really wonderful.

        • Jean-Claude Louis says:


          We’re neighbors, I’m on Bainbridge Island and, like you, would be available for meetings in the Pacific Northwest area.

          • PaulB says:

            Yes, we are neighbors. More so than we might imagine. My house looks out at Bainbridge over the channel.

            We should get together in the new year. Do you have any ideas for a photo location?

            Is there anyone else from Seattle out there?

  • I like both ideas too.

    I wonder if there are enough of us DS acolytes in the Southeastern US to do a meetup? I like to find a few.

  • Adam Bonn says:

    Sounds like a great plan, and Porto for a meet up

  • Pascal O. says:

    Well, once again the substance is taking us away from the very special shots included in your article.
    Yes, meet ups is a great idea, thank you, yet that should not prevent me from telling you that the last picture in your article, also featured in the header, looks absolutely awesome to me. Where was it taken if I may ask?
    Again, as said above, thank you for all you do for us, spoilt DS readers.

    • pascaljappy says:

      Thank you Pascal. It was taken inside Westminster cathedral, very close to Victoria Station, in London. The inside is very spectacular, with very dark ceilings and very colourful pillars below. Cheers, Pascal

  • Dallas says:

    Meets UP are a great idea . It looks like the geo locations of everyone maybe the problem. Why not schedule day and we either meet up with someone locally or do a solo shoot and post the best photo from our the day.

  • Michael Fleischer says:

    Both ideas sounds good to me, especially alternating challenge/photo of the month post, which will allow us to share/inspire through our current best curated work – one of the things
    I appreciate a lot about DS. πŸ™‚

  • Mike says:

    I’ve found that your posts are anything but labor intensive. The photos are large enough to appreciate without having to click on a thumbnail, the writing is light-hearted, and the text is easy to read. My only problem is that you spell labor as labour but nobody’s perfect.

    • pascaljappy says:

      Thank you Mike, much appreciated ! Sorry about the late reply, your comment had been misplaced in the spam folder by the auto sysem (bad, system πŸ˜‰

      Labour (colour …) is the UK spelling, sorry πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • >