#931.A Day at the Races, no make it 2.

By Dallas Thomas | Travel Photography

Nov 21

Firstly, apologies to the Marx Brothers, Groucho, Chico and Harpo for using their 1937 film title, well sort of.

1971 Ford GTHO

Spending a weekend in Goulburn watching, hearing and photographing cars that I grew up with is something special. Anne and I have done this  twice before.  We really enjoy the atmosphere, passion of the drivers and owners and the relaxed but professional attitude to the meeting.

1968 Elfin 600

Historic car racing is a popular form of motor racing worldwide and includes the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Historic Pau Grand Prix are a few that spring to mind. Our event was held at Wakefield Park which is about 10 km from Goulburn is a regional town two hours drive from Sydney. It’s a  little less glamour than the aforementioned events, however the racing is still very competitive. The track was purpose built as a spectator as well as a  drivers course.

And some drivers, well just having fun and testing their skills and cars.

1984 Mercedes Corbert Special

Meetings are held scattered throughout the year and attract a varied field of historic racing cars from various 911 Porches, Austin Healey, MG, Mustangs, Formula Vee, Elfin and Fords and the odd home made vehicle.

The majority of the drivers are much older than their cars. Competitors vary from professional looking outfits like this.  

Lots of money

Most drivers have no pit crew or if they do, they are mates and friends.

Owner, Driver & Pit Crew

This was a common sight with frantic work going on between races.

DB1 Swift

During the lunch break on the Sunday The MG Car of Canberra displayed some of their cars

BMW 2002 & Mini
Ford GTHO, Mustang & Mazda RX2

Images were captured with either Nikon D850 or Z7 and or Nikon 80 – 400 or Nikon 70 – 200 either by myself or Anne.


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  • Michael Fleischer says:

    Hi Dallas & Anne…

    Yes, them old (non-eco) cars can be fun to watch & hear and smell!
    Curvy MG´s really are fascinating pieces of art
    with great details, especially of the interior layout here skilfully captured
    including external muted catchlights!
    Now, I wonder what A Night at the Opera would look like in your take!


    • Michael, do I detect a challenge “A Night the Opera”. Anne may take you up; as for me my sock draw needs rearranging. Seriously it would be a challenge given the lighting and the lack of space to move around to shoot, but who knows what the future holds. Many thanks for your kind comments


  • jean pierre guaron says:

    Sigh – that surely brings back memories – when I was younger I had heaps of different cars – which led me to a “meet” with other owners of Morgans, that completely blew me away – you don’t see them on the road, very often, so suddenly finding how many there were in Perth was an amazing experience.
    So I can imagine the fun you had, Dallas. In those days, there was also a race for classic cars, around York, in the hills to the east of Perth. You would have loved that one, too, if you like the Goulburn one. I looked everywhere for the driver of the blue Porsche at the start of your post, but I couldn’t find him/her anywhere. The guy who owns the building next to my house is a Porsche maniac – has half a dozen of them, and races them at Wanneroo – and yes, definitely not a “young’un”, I imagine his wife only puts up with it because it gets him out of the house.
    Great photos – lovely day – and thanks for sharing them.

    • Thanks Pete, the blue Porsche photo was the result of 2 shots Anne took a front and rear of the car, LR did the rest with a Pano merge, what a fluke. The owner even thought it was cute. We had in mind to visit Pau for their race last year, but decided against it as viewing the car was very limited.


  • philberphoto says:

    Dallas, you have such a diversity of talent, interests and opportunities! So unexpected, and soooo nice. My fave has to be the blower MG…. Congrats!

  • PaulB says:


    This looks like it was great fun! I have nearly identical memories and images from the pits from attending the historic races in Seattle. A co-worker had a car he would race and several of us were part of the “Team”. We all had matching Team T-shirts. I was the team photographer. :-). 😉

  • >