#883. Undestination Photography – Mirmande

By Dallas Thomas | Travel Photography

Jul 28

Firstly Mirmande is not to be confused with Marmande.


Second, let’s review the rules as decreed by the P’s – Pascal & Philippe – about un-destinations.

  • Beautiful in its own way – tick
  • Off the beaten path for all but local togs – tick
  • Challenging, because of its lack of iconic features – tick

Like any French village colourful window boxes are everywhere as are stone walls and cobbled streets, did I miss located on a hilltop!!

Mirmande is a charming village with the usual array of restaurants, cafes, hotels, a boulangerie, many galleries, a creperie and museums.

The cobbled streets of this medieval village are lined with charming houses. The only thing that is missing are bus loads of tourists, not that I’m complaining mind you.

The afternoon sun is a delight to indulge my passion and endeavour to capture what nature highlights with the light.

It’s such a pleasant change to amble around and enjoy your surrounds without being bustled by other visitors. The regular tourist seems to have the main purpose in life to take that selfie in front of “X” attraction, so they can tick that box. Then to quickly move on to another destination and repeat the process. I do feel sorrow and despair for them as they don’t take the time to really immerse themselves into the place they’re visiting.

The age of some of the building appear incredible to me in this case 1683. That was about 100 years before my home country of Australia was colonised.

Sometimes the small things can be beautiful if you take your time and look around and as is often said to “smell the flowers”.

The lovely fields that surround Mirmande in the late afternoon sun are sublime.

I find visiting the popular, must visit villages and towns, recommended by all and sundry are now catering to a tourist I don’t want to be surrounded by. All the usual shops can be found in the main parts of town.

Mirmande, I guarantee you, doesn’t have one of those shops, yet it has the charm of a real French hilltop village that is lived in and can be enjoyed by visitors alike.

My suggestion, yes, visit some of the must see’s, but do take the time to visit and stay in places like Mirmande and enjoy the hospitality and live like a local for a few days.

On second thoughts, maybe I should have kept Mirmande a secret, ok please don’t tell anyone about it.


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  • Lad Sessions says:

    Lad: These are very lovely photos of a charming locale. I doubt I shall ever visit Mirmande, but these pictures take me there vicariously. Thank you so much!

    • Lad, many thanks for your kind words.


      • Murray Barnes says:

        Great article, Dallas, with gorgeous images. Photography travel is so much more than the cliche shot in the main-event destination. I remain confident the instagrammers of the ‘look-at-me’ generation will reflect on their shallow approach to travel as time passes. More problematic, though, is that so many travellers are equipped with photography capacity to some degree. Inevitably, the charming little spot on the map is found, shared & it’s character threatened.

  • philberphoto says:

    Dallas, you have captured the spirit of Mirmande so well, and you tell the un-story so delightfully! Sometimes, in storytelling, what the author does not say matters as much as what is said. Your love of Mirmande is such that you give no indication as to where it sits, or what its history is! Maybe because you have been told of some ancient secret which you wish to keep for yourself -the lost treasure of the Knights Templar maybe-? Or is it that Mirmande exists only as a place of legend, like an un-Camelot and an un-Atlantis?

  • Michael Fleischer says:

    What a fine enchanted tour you have taken us on! The pictures here oozes of quiet atmosphere and the secret discovery lying around the corner…!

    Simple & settled is good – allows the senses to work their seemingly un-structured magic
    together with the more dominant rationale! 😉

    Wonder is key…


  • Pascal Ravach says:

    Little miracle that this lovely village, with its charming ambiance that you captured so well, stayed under the masses’ radar, knowing that it is part of “The Most beautiful villages of France” (https://www.les-plus-beaux-villages-de-france.org/fr/nos-villages/mirmande/)… phew 🙂
    I always keep my ancient Geo magazines to “travel on my chair”… decidedly, DS is a nice way too!

  • Lovely images of a lovely village, Dallas! I’m totally in favor of spending time in undiscovered locales with my camera, since there’s nothing quite as annoying as having to wait for the tourist hordes to clear before you can click the shutter.
    I’ll keep Mirmande a secret, but I can’t guarantee that I won’t visit it soon.

  • John W says:

    Dallsa – What an enchanting place. Discoveries like this are the “real McCoy”, the “punctum” of travel. I got introduced to a similar place on Santorini. Like Mimande it’s just off a main highway with the tourists zipping by on the way to the “main attraction”. I spent a glorious sunlight afternoon roaming streets abscent of tour busses and travelling ants … what a joy.

    Looking at these images takes me back to that afternoon.

  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    There are so many of these “undestinations” in France – the whole country is riddled with them.
    Thanks for sharing this one, Dallas. There are places from one end of the world to the other that we’d all love to see, but we’ll never get there – and other people’s photographs give us access to them, through this magical surrogate!
    Love the colours, too. Sensational.

    • You’re so right Pete about the undiscovered places in France which is great for us. Thanks for your kind comments.

      I will be over you way next May and will contact you a little closer and see if we can arrange a Meet Up.


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