#857. Afrika Burn 2019

#857. Afrika Burn 2019


Last year’s Afrika Burn was my first. A second Burn this year leaves me something of a vet(eran) and able to skip the intro, which I’m sure you read avidly this time last year.


Once again, I managed the rock strewn road up from Ceres and back without a tyre blow-out, a well established issue for drivers to the Tankwa region, where the Burn is held. The Tankwa is also a National Park and a favourite for weekends away from the nearby Cape. Travel without decent tyres, a spare and tools at your peril.


Afternoon shadows, Afrika Burn 2019


The only difference was my son, co-driver and Burn virgin beside me in the car. I’m pleased to report that we both had a great time.


Enough words. Here’s a peek at Afrika Burn 2019.




At the going down of the sun



Part of the pan that is home to Afrika Burn



Late Friday afternoon



Mutant vehicle



The ’60s live…



The kite arc






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  1. Avatar
    Mike May 13, 2019


  2. Avatar
    Dallas Thomas May 13, 2019

    Great photos Paul it looks like it would have been a wonderful experience.

  3. Avatar
    pascaljappy May 13, 2019

    Good to know there are still places on Earth where people are having that sort of fun 🙂 Great photos, thanks for sharing the vibe!

  4. Avatar
    philberphoto May 13, 2019

    Lovely, pics! No, better than lovely, epic! If I had to pick faves,which you are making really hard, it would be the portrait of a woman holding her headdress in the wind, and the last one. Congrats!

  5. Avatar
    Dawi van der Merwe May 13, 2019

    Gorgeous work Paul… love seeing the world through your eyes… and lenses…

  6. Avatar
    Nancee Rostad May 13, 2019

    Paul! Wow, just wow! You have captured the spirit and wonder of Africa Burn in such a creative way! I’ve really enjoyed seeing a preview of these images on FB over the past week or so – and was hoping there’d be a DearSusan post coming up. It’s hard to choose a favorite, so I won’t – I love them all and each one has an important place in the story. Well done, my friend!

  7. Avatar
    jean pierre (pete) guaron May 13, 2019

    You’re all nuts, but you don’t need to be told that, you knew it before you went. And had a great time, for several days, with photographic opportunities WAY outside the ordinary!
    Tell me – who are the burners in the shot after ‘african shadows’? – you and your son?

  8. Avatar
    Steve Mallett May 13, 2019

    What a fab set of images Paul; I can feel the vibe. I’m wondering if Jules has any of his old man in full burner regalia?

  9. Avatar
    Johannes Hüttner May 14, 2019

    Awesome shots. I really envy you this experience. If I were there i‘d be scared as hell about getting dust in my camera…

  10. Avatar
    Pascal Ravach May 15, 2019

    Powerful photos, Paul!
    I love “Burners” a lot… magical light; and the “structure” in the night.
    As far as i know, we have nothing like that event in Quebec… what a fascinating playing field for a tog 😀

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