#832. The Dolomites in Winter.

By Dallas Thomas | Travel Photography

Mar 16

This was my 2nd trip to the glorious Dolomites. The seasons were quite different! My first trip was in May 2011 and was part of  cycling tour with my local club in Sydney.

The mountains change so much in 3 months May 2011

May 2011

My photography then consisted of a Sony point and shoot. It fitted into the pocket of my cycling jersey. It was used to record the scenery and some of my exploits.

Conquering “Stelvio”,  it only took me a little under 3 hours for me, the pros about 40 minutes! May 2011.

While on this cycling adventure I got the photography bug and thought, ah, I will get better pictures if I had better camera (how wrong was I – its not all about gear) so on my return home I purchased a Nikon D5100. Shortly afterwards cycling became a past passion for various reasons and photography has since filled the void.

February 2019, as the sun goes down.

The Dolomites scenery is nothing but spectacular no matter the season. The craggy snow capped mountains peaking through low cloud or brilliant winter blue skies is something to behold and try to capture.

My time this trip was spent in 5 different locations centred around Cortina d’Ampezzo. All spots within about an hours drive on icy snow covered roads snaking around valleys with new vistas at each turn.

The workshop, of 8 participants, I attended was conducted by Erin Babnik and co-lead by Sean Bagshaw. It was a privilege to spend time and learn from these 2 extremely experienced landscape photographers. 

The serenity of being out alone with nature in the fresh snow was something I’ll never forget. Also being able to shoot, what I will refer to as, virgin vistas was something to embrace and highly recommended.

I found these conditions ideal to shoot very minimalist images which added to my enjoyment of the conditions in which I found myself immersed.

The gear used on this trip was a Nikon Z7, Zeiss Milvus 21, 50, 135 and Nikon 80 – 400. The Z performed faultlessly during the time I spent in the mountains. The temperature was mostly near or sub zero, we shot in snow a few times. Battery life was similar to what I would have expected from my D850 which by the way didn’t leave my bag in the hotel rooms.

5 shot hand held Pano using 50mm

Full Disclosure: The writer paid all his own expenses on this adventure. I’m open to sponsorship for future photographic trips as most of us would be..

The lone, tree I consider this to be in my Top 5 shots of all time.


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  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    Sigh – back in 1974, I spent a considerable amount of time in this area, and further over (in Sella Nevea). These photos show the magic of the place. Thanks for sharing them, Dallas. 🙂
    I’m afraid I cheated on the Stelvio – we shot up there in a Lancia coupe belonging to one of my friends from a village to the west of Udine. But some of you cyclists cheat too – when I went to Passo Bernina, while we were sitting in front of the local hotel enjoying our lunch, a bunch of cyclists got off the train, to go DOWN from the pass, to the valley below. I suppose that still counts as conquering the climb – somehow – but nothing to brag about, to their friends, later. I can see from your photos that you don’t do that kind of thing!

  • Barb says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning, pure natural nature

  • Michael Demeyer says:

    Agree on your “Top 5” shot. Wonderful!

  • >