#798. A walk in the drizzle in Paris on a Sunday morning.

#798. A walk in the drizzle in Paris on a Sunday morning.

This article is in a similar vain to one another I wrote #618. A walk in Paris on a winters morning

Walking in the rain or drizzle is something I normally wouldn’t contemplate, let alone go to shoot.

Paris is different, I’m not sure why maybe it’s the love affair I have for this city or I find it so photogenic I’m not sure which.

The following images are from a 45 minute stroll through a well worn path of mine from Pont Neuf to Pont Sully along the Seine. As has been said many time a photo is worth a 1,000 words!

These images were shot using Nikon D850 and Zeiss Milvus 50/1.4 mostly @f2  with nearly identical post processing for effect.

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    Eric erickson December 13, 2018

    Love the images. I have been to Paris several times but have never seen it devoid of people. Very nice. Looking forward to buying a Zeiss lens for my new Z6 when they come available.

    • Avatar
      Dallas Thomas December 13, 2018

      Thanks Eric how do you like the Z6 what did you shoot previously. I’m in 2 minds whether I should get one or not. Your comments would be appreciated.

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    jean pierre (pete) guaron December 13, 2018

    Mind blowing. Thanks for sharing them, Dallas. Yes, Paris is such a tart – billions of lovers and admirers! – puts Don Juan FIRMLY in his place!
    Photo opportunities leap out at you, faster than you can keep replacing the battery with a fresh one, or replacing the memory cards!

    • Avatar
      Dallas Thomas December 13, 2018

      jean pierce,there are tarts and tarts Paris is the biggest I must say.

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    Christopher December 13, 2018

    Nice photographs, and i do like to PP.

    • Avatar
      Dallas Thomas December 13, 2018

      Thanks Christopher post can add that touch sometimes.

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    Chris December 13, 2018


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    jean pierre (pete) guaron December 15, 2018

    Line up, line up – only a couple of days to go! Which one of you will author #800 on DS?:) And what will be your topic?

    • Avatar
      pascaljappy December 15, 2018

      #800 is waiting in the paddocks and is a retrospective 🙂 Next monday post.

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