#744. Photography’s week links (30 June 2018) – Baking noodles in a tent

By pascaljappy | Monday Post

Jun 30

This week, I discarded a few links to videos that might have been interesting but followed this disturbing new trend of inverting the roles between actual content and fun behind the scenes action. This guy kind of started it for me. Maybe others were doing it before but it’s undeniable that a slew of #Meetoos are implementing the formula with a broad range of success rates today. And with the plethora of content available online today, you can question the value of wasting time on anecdotal B-roll, even more so when the actual photography seems a very distant afterthought.

Far more interesting was this video about Light and Composition in the Lofoten Islands. I’m not sure I approve of the very directive approach but the photos produced are mostly lovely and the tools hinted at towards the end really useful. Better than filming your noodles boiling in the tent, right?



Anyway, here are a few links for the week-end. Thanks again to all who contributed or will comment. Happy reading, happy shooting.



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  • Adam Bonn says:

    My kitschy-crap 7Artisans test shots aren’t news worthy :0(

    And why is everyone else allowed to say fuck on DS except me?

    • pascaljappy says:


      That’s straight out of the video (worth a watch).
      Your shots are great! Lovely feel and lovely scenes!

    • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

      Adam, the word “fuck” used to be a “naughty” word – but it then transitioned for several generations and was used & abused so much by so many that it has ceased to mean anything, any more. Example – homosexuality used to be a criminal offence – now it’s not just legal (between consenting adults – which is the same test for everyone, anyway), but it’s OK for gay guys or girls to marry each other. So I found myself walking down the street in Fremantle, near where I live, just behind a pair of lesbians, who were holding hands as they walked along the pavement inn front of me – holding hands together, with the big butch number (the taller of the two, of course) using that word with monotonous regularity as they proceeded on their way. That, too, woiuld have been unimaginable a few short years ago. Who was it said “the only constant in life is change”?

  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    The shot of the tiger lilies takes me WAY back – the very first time I ever bought a birthday present for my mother, I bought her a tiger lily bulb and it used up all the pocket money I had at the time – and decades later, when I sold the house for her, it was one of the most magnificent plants in her garden, having spent its time in the intervening years growing to well over a metre in height and diameter!
    In the same vein the next shot shows that your cat is taking over – the photo is excellent – valiant piece of rear-guard action, Pascal 🙂
    The last one is great – you should make an enlargement, at least A3 size, and hang it. Superb tone control, well composed (two centres of interest for the eye, both off centre in opposite directions, and two diagonals drawing the eye down through the image to the main focus of interest – with wonderful control over depth of field). 🙂
    I have to add one, to your story about nudism at waterfulls here, Pascal. I think I mentioned a while back that I was sunning myself on the beach here, to get dry, after going for a swim one Saturday morning in mid summer, and when I stood up to retrieve my towel etc, I noticed a couple of teenagers, stark naked, “conjugating” on the beach fully 3 metres from where I stood – “discretely” screened from view by a storm water drain pipe that crossed the beach at that point. And much earlier in my life, I even found a couple of police (one male, one female) “doing it” amongst the shrubbery in the gardens along the river, at the back of the university – unfortunately I couldn’t stop to chat, because of the circumstances which led to my discovery of their performance/behaviour, but that’s a whole different story. 🙂
    I was astounded by your suggestion that shots of mars are “off topic” – I should have thought it is well within Susan’s recipe – totally free from idiots with selfie sticks and zillions of tourists, as yet largely untapped even by experts from NASA or wherever – a perfect subject for a future landscape article in DS !! 🙂
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – sigh – it’s a disease I have natural immunity to – one clown recently complained that his efforts to make money as a photographer had crashed because everyone else on Facebook was pirating the photos he was trying to sell – or was it Instagram he was complaining about? Who knows, who cares anyway – what a peculiar way to conduct a business enterprise!
    I’ll shut up here, and leave the rest of the page to the other members of the group – my dog wants to visit her Dachshund friend, and as Pascal has now discovered, we have to do whatever our pets tell us to do. 🙂

  • Kristian Wannebo says:

    An interesting and fun collection (as usual..)!

    Can one hope for a travelling exhibition?
    Or some future i-net presentstion?

    Thanks for the info!

    But this guy should try changing his blinkers once in a while…
    – – –

    Thanks a lot for this!

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