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By pascaljappy | Monday Post

Jun 23

There’s really only one link that matters this week and Paul spotted it for us : Top 100 Travel Photography Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2018. This places DearSusan at number 9, ahead of Reddit and Trey. And why does it matter? After all, I’m the one ranting against competitions, rankings and other primitive forms of evaluating human beings. It matters because DS is a collaborative blog and, to me, that’s really what sets it apart from most others. You gals and guys comment a lot, contribute a lot, share a lot.

The time for monolithic brands has peaked. Facebook, Amazon, Google … most of Silicon Valley … they”re a dying breed. Thankfully. Yes, they are still raking in the most money, and will probably continue to do so for the coming years. But money as the only goal for a project is also very much a remnant of our animal past. The future is communal, collaborative and vision driven. Our mission, at DS central (ie a hammock in the shade on a thundery summer scorcher), is to channel the experiences of as many contributors as possible to benefit as many others as possible. There’s no money making in the process, it’s a hobby. But I’d like to think it could sustain a viable business without loosing its purpose. So, it makes me very happy that a blog with that approach (and no video and a lot of … reading !!!) can make it close to the top of a ranking. Thanks to you, thanks to us.

Please keep it up. It’s not just about DS, it’s about making a tiny fragment of the world a nicer place to meet. Cheers and happy linking.


To your good health


Speaking of community, the number of links provided by you good people now outnumber those provided by yours truly. Yay ! Thanks a lot. Send more. Send photographs, send anything you’d like to share with others for the weekend.


Top 10 cat food iz what I wantz


Hat tips

  • Chris: Henri Cartier-Bresson et Alberto Giacometti A Likeness of Vision.
  • Dallas: Your Camera Already Has the Most Important Feature.
  • Georg: A Haunted UK Castle Might Be Of Ghosts.
  • Jean-Pierre (with an acute sense of irony): Of Smartphones and prints. Back to the future ?
  • Kristian :
  • Paul :
  • Steve:


    Thanks again for sharing. What did you enjoy and what we you like to see more of? And if you’re standing on the fence, just send us something, you’ll see how much fun it is 🙂 Have a great week-end!

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  • Rudi says:

    Well, I am an unabashed fan…did anyone here ever give the Anti Manual a review…

  • Cliff Whittaker says:

    Love that worthless @$$ little cat or yours. I have been owned by an assortment of cats (and dogs) most of my life. My last cat owned me for 17 years. We were best buddies. Nevertheless, he never lost his cat “attitude”. He was not a lap cat, but he would insist that I move over so he could lie beside me and watch the Cubs game with me. And, he liked to go with me on walks through the fields behind our house. When he got tired he would stop be waiting there for me when I came back.
    I never gave him an official name. I just called him Cat. Like that might remind him that he was not king of the household. You know how that worked out.
    At the end he broke my heart by developing terminal kidney disease and he had to be put down. The joy and the heartbreak of having furry members of the family. I hope someone will have the same respect for me when my time comes.

    • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

      I am now on my 4th and – presumably – final Dobermann, Cliff. This time, I had to face the reality of time and only take on a dog that was already 3, and needed re-homing. Next time, I shall simply be too old, and it would be unfair to the dog, to take it home, have it bond with me, and then lose its friend.

      Each time, I swear “no more”, last at most 3-4 weeks, and wind up getting another one. The cupboard behind me is slowly filling with plastic boxes containing their ashes, because I haven’t been able to think of any more suitable place to leave their ashes. I have already told God and Karma to book me a ticket to make it to the Rainbow Bridge, when I die, so that I can rejoin them all, and we once more romp around the fields together.

      I promise to get back on topic, next comment I post on this one, Pascal.

      • pascaljappy says:

        Well, emotions are on topic when it comes to photography, and I’m pretty sure our photographs reflect who we are somewhat. So our pets must have some sort of long term impact 😉

    • pascaljappy says:

      Ha ha, being owned by our pets is exactly how it feels! And having to part with them is indeed one of the hardest things … I still remember burying my first cat, also 17 and feeling like nothing could ever fill the hole.

      This little one is called biskit, continuing a 3 cat long line of sweet food related names (Toffee for our giger tabby and fudge for a grey companion that adopted us for a few years). But our cats never get called their official names. Mowglie and Pug are the most frequent monikers at the moment.

      Ah well, I’ll now try to crawl back into adulthood and get some work done 😉

  • NMc says:

    Lists can be the laziest form of journalistic endeavour. Usually there is not enough information in the list for you to understand why something is included, nor is there sufficient information to help make up own mind if it is worth following up on. Having a top 100 list seems especially lazy, at least break it down to sub lists such as travel budgets, regions or interests/themes so it looks like some effort has been made to research, curate and present something worth reading.

    Anyway congratulations for making it onto this list, I am sure it is flattering for all the other bloggers to be in such good company. 🙂
    Regards Noel

    • pascaljappy says:

      Thanks Noel, to be honest, I’ve no idea who the guys publishing the list are or how important that list it 😉 But it’s nice to know that someone has read and enjoyed the blog enough to mention it somewhere. All the best, Pascal

  • Kristian Wannebo says:

    A rare cat photo!

    That pose, a blend of “I’m just fine!”, “What’s next?”, “What are you up to?”.
    And licking the nose in a detached way…

    Verrry nice!
    – – –

    Your health too!
    ( I also like the glass photo!)

    • pascaljappy says:


      don’t encourage me or that’s all the photographs I’ll be posting in the forseeable future 😉 This is meant to be a travel photography blog 😀 Thanks, though, it *is* appreciated.

      • Kristian Wannebo says:

        Then you might have to consider travelling with Biskit, with some cats that’s workable…
        🙂 🙂

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