#721. Finding the week links in photography #1

By pascaljappy | News

May 12

Welcome to the DS Curatorium. Enter at your own peril.


Forget Iceland. Rush to Scotland.


This experiment in content curation has multiple goals, and we would be grateful for any feedback about them.

The idea is to provide a set of links to articles, videos or other forms of content we have found to be inspiring, useful or fun during the week and to publish that just before the week-end in order to make sure we ruin all social life for you during that holiest of family times. You’re welcome. It recognises that other authors, while not being anywhere near as clever as us, do have the odd thing or three to say that might elevate the photographic community as a whole (insert silly grin).

So, during the week, we DS contributors find and save a few documents that we think can provide value to readers and publish them with some form of small commentary, at a time when we think you have the most free time to consume them and, hopefully, benefit.


The inspiration for the photographs on this post are the beautiful, stark b&w Clan Campbell whisky adverts that used to liven up my underground commute in Paris. This commemorative stone in Culloden Field started it all for me.


This first instalment comes with 4 questions attached :


1 : Like the idea?

It’s OK if you hate it, just let us know. It’s even better if you love it. Just let us know 😉 We’ll only continue this if you say you like it and comment on it like it was yesterday footie (that’s soccer, but cricket, NBA, baseball, football from the colonies and Australian rules footy – if you’re man enough – all apply equally well) match!

2: Future topics?

Are there any topics would you might like to see covered more than (exhibitions, contests, techniques, philosophy, gear …) We’ll do our best, providing news oblige, to spotlight those.

3 : Collaborative buddies, youz & us?

You know what’s better than letting us know what you’d enjoy most ? Send us the links (the contact button is in the top menu). We can’t promise everything will get through to the final article, if ever there’s a submission deluge or if your suggestions breach our very strict rules for effing political correctness. But we’ll do our best. Particularly if your comment about the link makes us smile 🙂 Beware, you will be quoted and publicly identified as the culprit!

4 : The end of the Monday Post? Or a vitamin complement?

In the beginning there was the Monday Post and the Monday Post was with Paul. The intention was to comment on some news and get the week started with some interesting thinking. News ain’t always interesting, though. So, although we try to keep the MP on thought-worthy topics, it is now rarely linked to recent news. So, we’re thinking of only publish an MP when news of an interesting enough nature has provided a worthy opportunity, and make this Week Link initiative our only regular post. That’s one idea for the future of the MP, but yours are most welcome before we come to a final conclusion.




Here come the links (my curation, so not that much in the way of gear,  but next episodes will vary according to your input) :

  • There are easier lives out there but, if you really want to make money off your photography, here’s a way !
  • Light told me to go suck eggs when I requested an L16 test camera loan, so I was half hoping first reviews would be far worse. Drat 😉 Hey, look at that, gear talk on DS again. At last.
  • I really don’t think it was meant to be humorous, but this attempt at replicating instagram influencer shots turns out to be just that. It does give you added respect for those who do it well, though.
  • If you were bullied in high school or some other form of frustration haunts you, this gear theft story isn’t for you. How can people publicly get away with it?
  • My itch for a Hasselblad X1-D has never been stronger. Maybe I need a website to evaluate the value of my used gear ?
  • A brilliant idea for collecting cheap prints of famous masters.
  • Exhibitions are an important part of visual education. They say you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with most and I firmly believe the same happens with your photography. Sometimes, though, it looks like a famous exhibition is just plain bad … Ouch !
  • I’m shocked that not one of the authors of these 10 images that changed the course of photography reveals the gear used ! To be honest, I might be more shocked by some of the choices … a very personal thing, I guess 😉
  • Apparently, The Guardian can do more than diss exhibitions. What can I say about this John Reardon retrospective ? Some of these are reportage masterpieces. The others are merely frickin’ good.





Oh, and, ever so offtopically, May the 4th be with you ! Could the Millenium Falcon really fly ? Of course it could !!! Duh …



So there you have it! If we’ve wasted less than an hour of your time or haven’t elevated your spirits and desire to get out and photograph, we’ve failed. Tell us how and why and we’ll make both better and worse for you!


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  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    I practically fell off my chair laughing when I had a look at what you cooked up with the inclusiong of Aussie Rules. The comments provide aliens (foreigners) with a fairly complete picture of Australian humour, social interchange, and other characteristics of the species.

    eBay will evaluate your gear – also Adorama offers to do it.

    I am puzzled by the lack of cops & criminal law in Mexico – that’s a bit too much laisser-faire, for my liking – my sympathies are with the guy whose lens was stolen.

    The proposal has merit – it will expand the range of reading material enormously.

    • pascaljappy says:

      Ah, I was kind of hoping you’d pick up on that 😉 My first encounter with that was on a huuuge screen in the bar of a hotel on Rottnest Island. Guys were screaming and I thought a fight had broken out. It had, but on the “mainland”, on the screen and the beer-infused yelling was in support of one of the teams. Which one ? It didn’t matter as the rules were unfathomable and the spectacle such great fun, whoever was winning. It’s one of my dreams to go to a live match. Should I call you during my next visit to la belle Perth ?

      • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

        Dunno where it went – I DID reply!
        An AFL match? Moi? Heavens no! I prefer football (AKA soccer in this country, so they can refer to AFL as “football”, even though they spend half the time smashing into each other and most of what’s left, playing handball).
        As for the more bloodthirsty “sports” – like this one (some players have had up to three knee reconstructions in a year – a hell of a lot of players only last 3 seasons/years and then have problems with knees or ankles or whatever for the rest of their lives) – boxing (Muhammad Ali was quite a nice guy, by all accounts, but his brain ended up as if someone stuck a blender through his ear hole) – steeplechasing (every year it results in horses being shot after they’ve fallen at one of the jumps) – “shooting” (turn the gun around & shoot yourself, you fool – leave the birds & animals alone!) – AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH !!!!!!!!

  • Kristian Wannebo says:

    I certainly enjoyed many of your references!
    ( It took more than an hour, though, but NOT waisted.)

    Allow me to add to some of your links a few…hm…illustrations:

    To: L16 “first reviews”
    ( A discussion of image problems.)

    To: “a famous exhibition is just plain bad”
    ( Now, what IS art?)

    To: “aw, bobcats”
    “In the Shadow of a Rainbow: The True Story of a Friendship Between Man and Wolf”
    by Robert Franklin Leslie
    “The bears and I”
    by Robert Franklin Leslie

    To: “Could the Millenium Falcon really fly ?”
    – What happens when you try to run faster than light!
    – ??
    – Your vision goes black.
    – – –

    Your questions:
    #1 : Like the idea?
    ( Though I can’t possibly comment in the required style, as I too seldom watch sports).

    #3 : Collaborative buddies, youz & us?
    Good idea!

    #2, 4
    I pass, for now.

    • pascaljappy says:

      Ah, thank you Kristian ! My turn to lose sleep over your links 😉 Looking forward to new ones (and pics if you have some you want to share) for next Saturday’s post 🙂 Have a nice week.

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