#654. Monday Post (9 October 2017): Travelling – the London Leg

#654. Monday Post (9 October 2017): Travelling – the London Leg

We’ve not forgotten the Monday Post. Holidays, work and other commitments just took over for a few days. Completely normal service should be resumed in a week or so.



Pete Turner’s death a couple of weeks ago both reminded and encouraged me to look at what I was/am shooting a bit differently. I’m no lover of super saturated colours, but a little tweaking never hurt anyone. Right?


Plus, I find Fuji cameras produce spectacular colour, especially when pushed a little.


So, a week in London en famille, celebrating a milestone birthday with little else in the way of social commitments beyond a daily family lunch or evening meal, I got lots of time to wander, explore and play.


All shot with either the X100F or X-Pro2 and 56mm f1.2. I can’t possibly imagine why I told myself I needed to pack and carry four other lenses 🙁

















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    jean pierre (pete) guaron October 09, 2017

    Love it- and there’s not a single image of Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the London Eye, or Buck Place!

    When are you going to treat us to some more, Paul? 🙂

      • Avatar
        jean pierre {pete} guaron October 10, 2017

        Love your sense of humor, too, Paul – haven’t been called that for over 70 years! 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Cliff Whittaker October 09, 2017

    Love your work in this issue of DearSusan, Paul.:)

  3. Avatar
    Joakim Danielson October 10, 2017

    Great photos and I agree about the Fuji colors.

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