#623. Take a tiny photowalk?

By Paul Perton | Uncategorized

Jul 27

Here’s a thought; I will be in London early in October and wonder whether DS readers in the area might want to join a one hour lunch time photowalk on Tuesday 3rd?


There’ll be no charge, we’ll meet (at say 12:30), introduce ourselves and go walk for just 60 minutes. I’ve no doubt a post walk chat, beer, or lunch might follow, but even if your time is limited and the city’s streets call, then drop me a mail at paul@paulperton.com


I’d like between 6 and 10 DS-ers. Fewer than that and it’s hardly worth doing, more and the group becomes too big to achieve anything meaningful.


For this first outing, I’m choosing Shepherd Market (just off Piccadilly) and suggesting we meet outside the 1882 hostelry, Ye Grapes at 12:30.


Over to you.