#613. A summer’s day in Newcastle

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

Jun 28

Just a collection of photographs. One day. 24 hours. High summer. 12 degrees C. Windy. Raining.


High drama on the High Level Bridge. The police boat waiting downstream stood down about ten minutes after I took this shot, so I’m assuming the jumper was talked down.


High drama on the High Level

High drama on the High Level

















All shot using my Fuji X100F, except High drama, which was shot with an X-Pro2 and 56mm f1.2 lens @ f3.2.


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  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    Scarcely surprising that someone contemplates jumping off the high bridge, in such a bleak grey environment.

    I hope you were well rugged up, Paul – 12C, windy & raining is “high summer”? – do they peel off the outer layer of clothing and sunbake in that climate? Admittedly the Russkies are reputed to sunbake when the temp hits 9C, but they usually do it on sunny days! Apart from industrial archeologists, were there many tourists around?

    Given the subject matter, nice shots. I take it the final photo is meant as irony? You often find strange signs, if you keep your eyes open – I was amused by a dual language one in Beziers, on the way to the remains of their coliseum, saying in French that it was the “street of the ancient fighters” and beneath it, in Occitan, that it was the “street of the cow”. Presumably a reference to the bull fights of the past!

  • Adrian says:

    I think I like the colour photos best, particularly the one in the article banner – in it’s 3:2 native size, I think a tiny crop at the top so that the coloured steps reached the edge of the frame makes a superb composition. The black and white photos… We’ll, you have worked with what you were given. In spite of Pets pithy comments above, last week it was well into the 30s Celsius in the UK, but our fine weather rarely lasts long (generally most days have all 4 seasons). I also like the square bridge photo, probably because of its straight lines and symmetry. It can be so frustrating to visit somewhere and then not be blessed with good weather, but at least the wetness creates shiny streets that reflect and add some visual interest and a little drama. I am curious what a few of these might look like in colour.

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