#525. Tokyo colour

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

Nov 05



Hotel-bound. Crocked.


I’m not feeling too sharp today, so I’m contenting myself with a feet-up (literally) day off, some editing and watching South Africa and Australia battle it out in Perth, via Cricinfo’s ball-by-ball coverage.








I’ve been shooting lots of Tokyo-ites in Fuji’s black and white Acros emulation since arriving, but this morning, with time on my hands, started experimenting with colour too. No HDR here, but some serious colour hacking.


I don’t think they’re not meant to be taken too seriously. Or are they?


















Any thoughts?










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  • John Wilson says:

    The first image is a “killer” shot. Its almost surreal and the colours are beautiful. The feet of someone just leafing the right of the hole in the wall would be purE DYNAMITE!! Wish we had places like that where I Live. I also really like NUMBER 4 the bicycle in front of the store – great colour and balance but again I really like people in my images someone passing through the twilight space on the right would also make this a DYNAMITE!! The traffic lights are cool and I also like the Draft Champagne shot …. DRAFT CHAMPAGNE!!!??? Go figure. A person moving through the space to the left of the wall would have been even better. My last favourite is the birds; without the birds this would have been a “ho hum, why did he bother” shot. Shows how a small detail can make or break an image.

    Great Stuff


    John W

    • paulperton says:

      Thanks John. I was out shooting people and felt I wanted some people-free images too. The car in the tunnel was an afterthought. It’s the road tunnel under the station at Shinjuku – reputed to be the busiest in the world – so there are few opportunities to grab such a sparse shot.

      Most of these were shot between 04:30 and 06:00 and despite the number of drunks around (hundreds), few were anywhere that might have been useful in my pics. Those that were were more interested in keeping the food and booze of the previous hours inside…

    • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

      When I saw a reference to “draft champagne”, good manners told me I was not allowed to say one word !!!

  • pascaljappy says:

    Paul, the photo below your “any thoughts?” line shows that the lens you are using isn’t sharp at all. That aside, brilliant stuff. The first is amazing, the woman on the bike also. Traffic lights, pigeons, ditto. Thanks for the lovely jab of exoticism.

  • philberphoto says:

    Japan can be a country of incredibly subtle, gentle pastel colours. It can also offer offer bright, in-your-face take-no-prisoners colours, Tokyo in particular. You captured the latter aspect amazingly well, Paul! Not knowing where the pictures were taken, and in the absence of any tell-tale signs, I would still have immediately said: Tokyo! That is a mighty compliment in my book. Congrats!

  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    Loved the first shot Paul – wasn’t it kind of dangerous, walking through a tunnel filled with fast-moving traffic?

    You must have enjoyed seeing your team beat Australia in the first test, here in Perth – I’m 110% with the Americans on that one, I can’t comprehend how anyone can be bothered with a game that drifts on for 5 days and, after all that, can end with neither side winning. (I had no idea what happened till I started writing this – I just cheated, and looked it up 🙂

    Ignoring the second kitchen’s revolting invitation to drink draft champagne, I am intrigued by the graffiti. It looks just like the graffiti I see here, around Fremantle. I must stop blaming local children for it, and find out where all the japanese graffiti artists gather, here.

    I love the shot with all the bokeh in it – bokeh upon bokeh – and quite intriguing & beautiful to look at.

    All in all, it’s a collection of photos to be savoured – not rushed – and I have derived more from coming back and looking at them, again and again.

    • paulperton says:


      At the time I walked through the tunnel under Shinjuku station (on the very well protected pavement BTW), there was almost no traffic. Hence the odd feel to the whole thing.

      Cricket? Tough one. There’s so much corruption and match fixing going on tha tit’s hard to get any enjoyment from any kind of match. This one was pretty special and I am glad I managed to follow the ball-by-ball coverage on Cricinfo. Our hotel’s wi-fi is a PoS, so streaming was definitely not on the cards.

      Thanks for the comments on the photographs. I’m working on a follow-up post.

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