#363. Theming up

By philberphoto | Opinion

Jun 10

In photography, I’m just a total amateur, a quirky hobbyist. I shoot whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it, and post whatever that yields. Which means that the result is a ragtag collection of haphazard opportunities and inspirations.


The “opportunity”, this time, is that the municipal council in my city has decided to save some money in order to not increase taxes too much, and the flower beds, that used to be magnificent, are now pretty sad and lame looking. So, for a couple of months, I’ve had to look for other targets. Theming. And, more often than not, I’ve ended up taking an interest in bikes and motorcycles. The fact that this coincided with my getting 2 lenses that work wonders wide open (the Zeiss ZM 35 f:1.4, a.k.a. Audrey, and the Zeiss Otus 55 f:1.4, a.k.a. Bertha) has opened new oportunities in terms of looks. Such as the one above, with the ZM  wide open. Pascal, ever the fine friend commented: so, you are into selfies, now? Below, another example, also a selfie, also already posted here:


These first two pictures gave me a liking for this type of photography, and I did more of it, until Pascal suggested that I should do a theme post on DearSusan.

It took me a while to get used to doing more than just showing off how good my lenses are, sort of, like this, with the Otus wide open:DSC01923

I even went for totally different looks, like vintage B&W:

DSC02611 DSC02677

But the gear-head temptation remained strong, just showing my equipment off, wide open and deeply cropped:

DSC02238 DSC02889

Or, in the same spirit, but a bit richer in inspiration, this, at f:2.8:

DSC02155_1 DSC02158_1 DSC02719

The other temptation, of course, if just the simple post-card look, which, with good equipment, can hardly fail, especially when you have a great looking bike or two:

DSC01496 DSC02733But then , once I’d learned to handle my 2 lenses, which can take some time, I started to hit my stride, and have some fun, which is what this is all about, isn’t it?

DSC02475DSC02491 DSC02496DSC03419 DSC03424

So now it feels just like I am riding high…



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  • Brian Nicol says:

    I love this post, partially because I cannot pass up a great bicycle, but more importantly I love these images – you have a wonderful eye, which cannot be purchased and luckily you have equipment to maximize your ability. I also have the zeiss zm 35/1.4 and love it – much prefer it over the Leica 35/1.4 ASPH which I promptly sold as I prefer the rendering of the zeiss (I miss the brilliant built-in hood plus the 6 bit coding but still prefer the zeiss rendering and better technical perfection of no field curvature!). You have inspired me to get out taking wide open pictures of bicycles with this lens – thanks for the inspiration and sharing your images and creativity which is what photography is all about. I am hoping to get the Otus 55 but my daughter is getting married this July to an Italian Canadian with infinite relatives and I have to fund the celebration – I love my daughter but on this occasion I would be able to fund a Leica S if she was a son….I look forward to another post from you and am delighted I discovered this site a few months ago as it is about the image which is why we do photography. Cheers! Brian

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