#324. Week-end roundup: Krappy cameras vs 80Mpix backs, NZ vs Siberia and more contests than you can count. Plus, don’t be a conformist!

By pascaljappy | News

Feb 14

It’s the week-end and you’re wondering what to read. We have some answers for you. Gear, art, and more fun photographic information. Comments & suggestions welcome.


Photographer braves an unstable frozen lake to capture breathtaking images of magical ice cavern at sunrise in Siberia. Do not try this at home. Ridiculously dangerous, but oh so beautiful results.


NZ South Island’s 13 most beautiful photo ops : Bit of a dreamer this one. But who can resist the idea of planning a trip to New Zealand?


More serious, from the Guardian, and a great illustration of the frame within the frame : Men at Work: Iranian workers taking photographs – exhibit.

Blurred (not on purpose ...)

Blurred (not on purpose …)

On to gear Drone maker DJI joins Micro Four Thirds standard group, improved aerial photography inbound. This one’s for Philippe and all other lovers of aerial photography. Good news for creative types as M43 not just gives you better image quality, it offers much greater variety of settings.


Leica 75mm Summilux-M f/1.4. Thorsten Overgaard is the person who got me involved with Leica-R glass in the first place. His reviews are interesting, well documented and based on real-life facts rather than boring lab ratings only. He is also a very good photographer with very prestigious experience under his belt. In this article, he gives an interesting historical and photographic take on the “portrait lens”, storytelling, composition, subject isolation. A nice read 🙂


This is a 10K Time-Lapse Video Created Using 80MP Still Photographs. You know how gurus are always ranting on about how little gear matters … Time to shut up for 5’24” of awesome.


Introducing The Krappy Kamera Contest, A Photography Competition That Honors Lo-Fi Beauty. But once the video’s over, let them talk again. They’re right, who cares about gear when creativity abounds? 😉


Why ‘We’ll Fix It In Post’ Doesn’t Work And Is Dangerous For Your Photography. It seems pretty obvious that getting the shot right is better than fixing it on the computer. But digital has made us so lazy it doesn’t hurt to explain why it is so. Also some super images along the way.


National Geographic Traveller announces its contest finalists. Inspiration for us all. The “categories” menu gives you access to more entries. Which are your favourites?


And while on the subject of competitions, here’s the grawniad’s Readers’ travel photography competition 2015. You could do worse than enter, some lovely prizes and photographs.

Blowing up

Blowing up


How to Be a Better Photographer (Hint: It’s Not Your Camera). Man, that blows. We all thought the camera was the secret. It has to be the lens, then. Or, maybe…


And for much more to learn, here’s a long list of hints, tips and resolutions for 2015 by some leading artists: B&H Explora’s 14 Favorite Photographers of 2014 and Their Resolutions for the New Year.


Ending this roundup with a must-read: Will the Real Landscape Photography Please Stand Up? As gear quality and technical ability reaches more and more photographers, image quality should be on the rise. But conformism is throwing a spanner in the works. What is your take on that?


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