#314. Week-end photo roundup : stolen photos, Tokyo, icebergs, stunning portraits of shelter dogs and more

By pascaljappy | News

Jan 17

DSC08383If You Don’t Want Your Photos Stolen Don’t Post Them on the Internet. It’s permanently at the back of a blogger’s mind : who is making money of *my* work ? To share or not to share, that is the question. While it’s an easy answer for me (thieves and other cheap low-lives will never stop me sharing) it’s not as clear cut when your photography is your main source of income. Here’s an interesting and positive article on the subject.

What The F**k Is Travel Photography? While it can’t possibly as good as our own take on the subject, this short article avoids the usual cliches and provides an interesting point of view on genre.

National Geographic Society Unveils ‘Unique Lodges of the World’ Collection. While not directly photography related, here’s a list of lodges in exotic places that cannot fail to titillate the travel photographer in you.

The wildlife that’s in your garden! Photo contest highlights best of British nature from stoats and otters to cheeky red squirrels. Here’s something to contrast with the previous link : envious of photographers who travel the world incessantly? So am I. But this article just goes to show you don’t have to escape to the other side of the planet to find great sources of inspiration.

Apple’s Dominant Camera Numbers On Flickr Threatens Canon’s Supremacy. Flickr release the stats for the most popular cameras used for photographs posted in their pages. Apple come out in front. A hint at things to come ?

A road in Lapland

A road in Lapland

Jesse’s Book Review – ShootTokyo by David Powell. In a couple of weeks, we will be releasing an InSight Guide for the extraordinary city of Tokyo. Being in the mood for Tokyo, we were very interested by this book – ShotTokyo – review by Japan Camera Hunter. While not exactly a glowing review, you’ll probably find the point of view interesting.

Photographer hopes elaborate portraits will help shelter dogs get adopted. Touching intention and truly excellent portrait photography come together in this out of the ordinary project.

Photos From the Coldest City on Earth. This is my type of travel photography : great subject meets strong personal style. This gallery brilliantly depicts the beauty of really cold places. Memories from Lapland abound when I read this.

Photographer Captures Rare Pictures of an Upside-Down Iceberg. While on the topic of cold … Icebergs are only white when they want to be. Here’s one doing a headstand to appear dark alien blue!


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