#311. Curation time ! The week-end roundup.

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Jan 11

Big news ! Here is a new type of post on DearSusan: a weekly roundup of some articles we enjoyed elsewhere on the web an would like to share with you. If you have more you think others might enjoy, please share along in the comments. If you’d like us to share a link before this weekly post is published, just shout out the link to us.


Enough talk, on with the first edition!!

31 Photographs That Will Show You The Future of Photography: Foam, the Amsterdam center of photography has been giving out annual awards for young talent over the past seven years. Here is a list of winners for this year with sample photographs. If you notice one you like, you’ll be happy to learn all will be touring the world as part of their award. I, personally, find the work … hmmm … interesting.

(c) Jonny Briggs

(c) Jonny Briggs


Altered images: photography as a tool for gender equality. Great project based on the idea that photography is a powerful agent of social change. 22-year-old Bonnie Chiu believes that cameras can empower oppressed girls and women. You can help in very practical ways by sending donations or unused gear that will be given to women in need.

Self-Taught Chinese Street Photographer Tao Liu Has an Eye for Peculiar Moments. There is quite a bit of Elliott Erwitt in self-taught Tao Liu’s photography. At least in its inspiration. EE’s absolute genius is plainly evident in this must see page, by the way.

NASA’s Stunning Pillars of Creation Takes Space Photography to New Heights. Some might consider this a pick that’s a little bit too easy. But hey, I love astronomy, so why not indulge. Whether this is really art or not is an interesting debate, but it’s unquestionable that NASA make very pretty pictures with their 25 year old camera.


Pillars of creation 21 (c) NASA

Pillars of creation 21 (c) NASA


Fox Talbot and the Decisive Moment. In London in January ? You probably owed it to yourself to check this exhibition out : A new Tate Britain show reveals how the photographic pioneer’s work led shutterbugs to capture fleeting moments. Entitled Salt and Silver: Early Photography 1840 – 1860, the show brings together a selection of these antique prints, some taken by Fox Talbot himself, others shot by pioneers across the globe.

Following the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, many websites have published collections of iconic photographs from around the world. Images of support, images of shock. Here are 3 links with some examples. Mostly good photography, but why has everybody refrained from an artistic personal touch ? Is interpretation incompatible with the truth? I think not!

And just to remind the world that oppression isn’t exclusively the act of fanatical terrorists but – far more often – the work  of “respectable” evil : Opinion: When It Comes to the ‘Ansel Adams Act,’ the Devil is in the Details.


Now it’s your turn! Share some articles you enjoyed reading in recent days (gear, tutorial, exhibition, …) in the comment box, we look forward to reading them.


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