#299. Waiting for the rain to stop !

By pascaljappy | Opinion

Dec 06

I’m a fun type of guy. You usually see me smiling. Ask my 3 friends.

Few things get on my nerves and pull my lips downwards.

But the f*ck-awfull weather Provence has been experiencing in the past weeks sure is doing it’s best to make me switch to Mode Berserk !

So let me echo my co-author Paul’s Waiting for the wind to stop article with this display of utter gloom.

Not that I should complain, mind you. 4 people died in a nearby village just a few days ago. And thousands others can now angle without leaving the comfort of their flooded homes. We’re the lucky ones.

But I’m still miffed. The bottom photograph sows the closest I’ve been to seeing the sun shine in 2 weeks and my soul’s batteries run on solar power exclusively.

So if you’re in the South of France and notice bloke with a sour face and a wet A7, don’t feed the troll.


Foul weather in the Provence hills, France

Foul weather in the Provence hills, France

sun hidden behind thick clouds in Provence

Foul weather in the Provence hills, France

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  • Paul Perton says:

    Different source, same end result. According to Wikipedia, it was a Persian Sulfi seers who first said “This too shall pass.”

    With respect to my wind (if you get my drift) and your rain, this too shall pass. I just wish it would hurry up and piss off.

  • steve Goulden says:

    Sounds extreme for such a normaly-mellow region. But it also means that the snow is early and might make a better base layer than last years. You can’t have it good all the time.
    Here we have just had our first real frost, and the sun has shone for the last 4 short days. But no time for photos: too much to do in the garden!

    • pascaljappy says:

      Actually, the upside of the foul weather for us is the warmth. But mountain dwellers are hating it as well as the snow is late. They’ve just cancelled a world championship race in the Alps because of that. Oh well … Still belting down as I write, but there is promise of change for next week. Cheers.

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