#291. November Calendar Page

By pascaljappy | News

Nov 03

Dear readers, it’st that time of the month again. The time when we’re late in delivering our monthly calendar page (again, ahem …)

DearSusan free calendar page for November 2014

Click to download. Feel free to share.

This one is from Paris. Any of you who have visited l’Ile de la Cité might recognize the scene from the small flower market just outside the metro exit. Among the flowers and shrubs, all sorts of outdoor decorations and garden ornaments hang from the glass ceilings and, when the sun is shining, provide all sorts of fun for the photographer. The stall owners seem quite OK with us funny types barging in for a snap, so this is one of mine with a nice autumn feel to it.

As usual, feel free to download (click the photo for a full size version) our November calendar page for 2014, use and share.