#284. Autumn Colours in the Sky

By pascaljappy | News

Oct 06

Every region has it’s own way of celebrating the arrival of autumn (fall, for readers on the other side of the pond).

Canada has its incredible forests, Paris has the Salon de l’Automobile, Japan has Kouyou, Scotland and Wales look amazing (when don’t they), vineyards become multicoloured gems, …

Provence has sunsets.


Red clouds at night

Red clouds at night


Not that we don’t get them during the rest of the year, but not in such great numbers or glory.

Summers – well, usual summers – see very few clouds at all (only the horizon line displays nice colours), winter can get really cold and ugly and spring is only a milder version of the preceding 3 crappy months.

So here it is, in between past and coming gear-talk posts, a recent picture of one of the more beautiful sunsets of this starting season.


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