#280. October Calendar page

By pascaljappy | News

Sep 29

Hey everyone,

the October page for our ongoing freebie calendar series is here.

As usual, multiple photo candidates were discussed. But let’s face it, what area of the world best captures the feeling of a great October day? I suppose red forests are nice, but we’ve seen thousands. And Halloween costumes also come to mind as well. But, in the end, Paul and I both fell in love with this glorious view of Scotland.

Click to download

Click to download


It was made by Paul on his latest visit to that fabulous country, which you can find accounts of here and here.

As usual, feel free to download and share.

Traveling Paul has a new surprise coming very soon. Just 1300 miles South of where this photograph was made, lie the little villages of Provence which I call home and which Paul shot extensively during the summer. eBook alert !


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