#233. Icebergs in black and white

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

May 30
Ilulisat ice field

Ilulissat ice field

Despite being a fan of black and white conversion, it took me by surprise to see one of my fellow workshop photographer’s images stripped of its colour data.

So, I gave it a try myself. Curiously, not every image is a candidate; in this situation, the image needs a big presence – here a million tonne iceberg – less imposing scenes lack the drama.

For those interested, this was shot with a D800e and Nikon’s 14-24 zoom, processed in Aperture and converted with SilverEfx Pro to gain the micro contrast of its Structure slider.

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  • pascaljappy says:

    And what a photo it is! I love how the thin clouds balances everything out. A great composition and certainly somewhere I’d love to be! Congratulations.

  • FAS says:

    What a wonderful shot!

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