#216. Travel Memory Photo Of The Day: Nothing To Eat

By pascaljappy | Opinion

Apr 17

All too recent memory …

I spent the last 3 days in Paris, traveling through the nation’s capital for work appointments. And “traveling” is a nice way of putting it since every possible incident happened while on the go : delayed trains, canceled trains, accidents, wrong directions (my fault …). It’s not always like that, and it’s certainly not a reason to stay away from this otherwise lovely place. But … when travel incidents get you late to about every appointment planned in spite of meticulous preparation and considerable leeway, it starts to get you down.

A shut restaurant in a railway station, in B&W

La Cantina is shut (c) Pascal Jappy

But I toddle on, meet those I had come for and finally go home on the TGV (fast train) yesterday evening. Only to discover the 20 mile connection train is … canceled. In 2 hours, a bus will drive me home via all the little villages. Crap. I head to the station cantina, famished, only to find it closed. Bis repetita crapent. Ah well, at least my camera’s with me, hence the little souvenir.

Even in colour, La Cantina is closed (c) Pascal Jappy

Even in colour, La Cantina is closed (c) Pascal Jappy

I’m not sure which I prefer. Colour or B&W ?

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