#214. Travel Memory Photo Of The Day : Karaköy Waterfront (Istanbul)

By pascaljappy | Travel Photography

Apr 12

Inaugurating a new series of short posts about one specific photographic moment, one travel memory, is this picture of Istanbulites and tourists sitting down for the indispensable cup of tea or fishing away the afternoon, next to the Karaköy ferry terminal.

People sitting and fishing in Karaköy, Istanbul (c) Pascal Jappy, DearSusan

– Karaköy waterfront (c) Pascal Jappy

I like that the group in the center is looking off to the right (a fisherman has just caught an unfortunate gull in his line and is setting it free) while the ferry heads off to the left. Galata bridge is a stone throw to the right, carrying untold traffic to the old city, but here it is much more peaceful. The simple seats, the ever-present tea, the smoke and – of course – the fantastic waterways, are what Istanbul is all about.

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