#200. Suzie at 200 ! New skin, new editorial line, new future

By pascaljappy | News

Feb 18

Let me begin by thanking all you regular readers who have been following DearSusan since its humble beginnings and have been sending interesting comments all along! Interaction is what makes blogging worthwhile.

Every 50 posts, we usually look back at the previous months and publish highlights. This time, we’ll look to the future instead.

DearSusan is evolving!

B&W photograph of Cyberdog in London

New skin for the future (c) Pascal

First, aesthetically. As regulars can see, DS just got a facelift. A new skin. It’s not exactly finished, but still polished enough to go live 🙂

Secondly, from an editorial point of view. What used only to be a web log in the strictest meaning is evolving into a small media of committed writers interested in photography as art and a meaningful means of expression.

Even at the start, DS was intended as a collaborative blog. Since then, writers left, new writers arrived. Today, there are 3 regular contributors, and more are on their way. We are opening up and if you are interested in writing – episodically or on a regular basis, please drop us a line (pascal dot jappy at gmail dot com).

The URL is also new. dearsusans.wordpress.com is no more. Our new home is at DearSusan.net. It might have been a .com had some twerp not parked the domain to later sell it for the price of a small car. However, this actually did us a favour and I do believe .net works better in this context. It was meant to be 🙂


(c) Paul

So what’s in the future ?

  • More interviews. Late in 2013 started interviewing the living masters of photography to learn from their vision and understand their approach. This has been tremendous fun and more interviews are on the way.
  • New topics. My other passion is astronomy. I would dearly love to start an astrophoto thread. If you’re a specialist and want to share your work, you are more than welcome.
  • ebooks. We like to share the love. All that we have learned the hard way over the years can be taught a lot more easily and we will be publishing ebooks on such topics as lens evaluation, developing vision …
  • Galleries. The best photos by DS contributors but also by other artists
  • More about art : exhibitions, books, vision workshops …

So we’re looking forward to the next 200 articles at least as much as we enjoyed the first. I hope you do as well and continue to support us as passionate writers.

(c) Philippe

(c) Philippe

Enough for now. This post is all about us and that’s not what’s important. We thank you again and look forward to more exchanges with you all.

Be seeing you 🙂