#174. Stalker in Paris

By pascaljappy | News

Nov 08

So here I am in the world’s most touristy city with my new best camera in the world, my HTC cellphone 🙂


Having sold both my Olympus OM-D E-M5 and my Nikon D800e to make room for the camera that could (almost) unite the qualities of both, the Sony A7r, here I am, as naked as a newly born.


However, as shown previously, the little HTC One is a very able camera, and just the ticket for the sort of on foot scouting in between appointments.


So here are a few pictures from yesterday, made in between Bastilles and La Défense, except for the first, which TGV riders will recognise as a sewage processing factory just South of Paris. Common theme (where possible) : following one person in the street.


Having no access to LightRoom or Photoshop, these are strait out of camera with none of the much needed in place) cropping or post processing I would usually apply.


But in a way, that feels more stalker like, doesn’t it ? 😉


A final couple in the evening in glittery La Défense, while walking and talking with co-author Philippe 🙂


Be seeing you.