#171. Friendly Provence neighbourhood

By pascaljappy | Travel Photography

Nov 04

Dogs, in some areas of France, are a societal disease. They bark all day long while their owners are at work and crap all over the streets when their owners are home.

Two handwritten sign posts on a garage door in Provence asking people to stop their dogs pooing in front of the garage. Nikon D800. Humorous

Obviously a lover of dogs (Nikon D800e)

These garage owners, in an otherwise charming little Provence village, have obviously had enough and wrote two hilariously fierce and rude letters to their neighbours.

If you speak French, just click and enjoy.
If you don’t, the translation isn’t quite as funny but here it goes (pardon my … French) :
– “Pick up your turds”
– “Get your dogs to crap away from our garage”

I can’t help agreeing with them entirely, but their tone is so surprising and funny that my guess is the situation can only be worse now 😉

Oh, and … I loved the door colours too. Hence the photo. More doors of Provence to come.

Be seeing you 🙂