#169. Fantastic gear for sale on Dear Susan (Nikon D800e, Zeiss lens, Olympus OM-D)

By pascaljappy | News

Oct 27

Reviews, reviews, reviews 😉

Stuff gets bought, stuff gets sold. I wish I could hold on to it all, but I can’t. So 3 precious pieces of my kit are on eBay as of today:

  • My Nikon D800e. This is as new. Less than 10,000 actuations (shuttergood for 200,000) and 3 more years of Nikon warranty.
  • My Zeiss ZF2 Distagon 25 mm F/2. Also as new. Always used with protective Zeiss filter and immaculate. 2 more years of Zeiss waranty.
  • My adored Olympus OM-D E-M5 and Panasonic 14mm F/2.5 lens. 18 months old, but looks new. Less than 6,000 actuations (shutter good for 100,000).

I created a dedicated web page for these on this blog, with pictures and links to eBay pages : Stuff for sale.

For Dear Susan readers, I will ship worldwide, even though the ebay ads say european union only. Just bid in confidence that I will ship to you no problem.

If a Dear Susan reader buys my Distagon 25/2 lens above 750€, I will throw in the assorted Zeiss UV filter for free ! (worth 75€)


I’d love to know this gear, which I dearly loved, is going to a good new home ! Let me know …

For any info : pascal dot jappy at gmail dot com.

Be seeing you 🙂