#161. Black Merc

By pascaljappy | Travel Photography

Oct 07

Walking the streets of Oxford a few days ago (will have more news about this soon), I stumbled upon this mean machine. It was dark grey and looked menacing.

So I got close with a Zeiss 25mm Distagon wide open and let the nose become the center of attraction.

A monochrome distorted image of a black mercedez benz in the streets of Oxford. Nikon D800e and Zeiss ZF2 25mm Distagon

Black Merc – Click for larger, scarier picture. Nikond D800e & Zeiss Distagon ZF2 25mm

Back in LightRoom, I accentuated this effect by adding a lot of distortion to the lens and converted the image to monochrome with a red filter on and maximum clarity. A bit of burning and vignetting and .. hey presto.

Me likes it. What about youz ?

Be seeing you ! 🙂

  • [ Smiles ] Great snapshot of a Mercedes Benz!

  • philberphoto says:

    Me likes it too, but it give me mightmares! Hary-scary run to Mommy!

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