#159. Goodnight moon

By pascaljappy | Opinion

Sep 29

Last saturday, we went out for a family meal by the sea in La Ciotat and the moon was lighting the clouds in spectacular fashion. All I had with me to capture the moment was my telephone and the results (which I like in daytime) were beyond horrible.

Needless to say, I despised myself for not bringing a camera along with me, but this was a family outing and cameras don’t always mix well …

The moon pierces thin clouds and produces colourful effects. Nikon D800e & Leicar 90mm Elmarit-R

Moon & Clouds over home

There was small compensation once back home as the cloud cover had started to shread a little bit. Although nowhere near as grand, this was still pleasing.

Lesson #1 : always have camera with you (that’s suitable for the conditions). You don’t have to be a blinding nuisance with it all the time 😉