#138. Sturm und Drang

By pascaljappy | News

Jan 15
A red sunrise over the hills of provence on a snowy winter day

Sturm und Drang 1 – Nikon D800e & Leica Elmarit-R 90/2.8

Late 18th century German artists reacted to the diktat of rational enlightment with the Sturm und Drang movement trough which emotion and subjectivity was given center stage.

This morning, the skies treated my neck of Provence to a delightful sunrise on a snowy forecast day. In between testing lenses for my ongoing Nikon D800e review, this provided a welcome opportunity for artistic relief.

A triangle of orange light formw over the hills of provence on a snowy morning. Nikon D800e & Leica Elmarit-R 90/2.8

Sturm und Drang 2 – Nikon D800e & Leica Elmarit-R 90/2.8

Grabbing a fleece and trainers, I ran out through the ice-covered back-garden and up the hill at the first glimpse of reddish light in the East. The view above was my reward. Holding the camera steady while both shivering and panting was not a given in the low light, but a wobbly fence post provided some help. Squeezing the camera against my nose is both painful and efficient for vibe reduction. One reason Every Camera Should Have a Viewfinder (// a private rant against Sony’s RX-1).

A strip of dark orange light forms between a mountain ridge and low black clouds on a stormy Provence morning. Nikon D800e & Leica Elmarit-R 90mm f/2.8

Sturm und Drang 3 – Nikon D800e & Leica Elmarit-R 90/2.8

As often, the light lasted only a few minutes and my limbs were thankful for the jog back.

What I love about the series is that as you move further West (downwards, in this set) the mood changes radically. It starts all vibrant and dynamic, being all about the light and contrast, and progresses to a brooding feeling of doom (too much ? ;))

I processed the set to initially look very abstract and progressively more realistic, with more foreground objects showing in the darker areas.

Which picture do you prefer ? It should tell you what sort of mood you’re in.

As always, please click for much larger and nicer images. Also, try to adjust the colour and constrast of your screen or the pictures, particularly the last, will look like you’re dog’s been ill.

  • robert e says:

    It’s startling how much these images change as I shift my head in relation to my macbook pro’s screen (and how much banding there is in the “brightest” head position, i.e. looking downward at the monitor from above. ick! damn lcd’s.). As a landscape, I prefer the middle one, but the third shot, when all the land features have darkened to black, makes for a simply gorgeous abstract.

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