#124. Looking for a gallery and models in Paris

By pascaljappy | News

Oct 01

Reader become friend Christopher Perez has just moved from the US to Paris and needs you artistic help, right now ! As you can tell from the images below, Christopher is no mean photographer. During lunch, last summer, he showed me a portfolio containing glorious prints of his intimate portraits and let me tell you they left a vivid impression.

Mirrored Aspect, by Christopher Perez

Mirrored Aspect (c) Christopher Perez

(All pictures link to Christopher’s Flickr gallery)

What makes these portraits special is not just the masterly judged application of advanced lighting and post-processing technique (though that does make me quite jealous ;)) but the story behind each and every one of them.

Three phases of Baron Samedi, bu Christopher Perez

The Phases of Baron Samedi (c) Christopher Perez

You see, unlike many studio photographers, Christopher doesn’t turn to modeling agencies for his subjects. Instead, he makes pictures of amazing people met on the street. People with life stories and character. People untrained and natural in front of the camera. People that let their true being shine through.

Moon Worship, Miss Stephanie Lee, by Christopher Perez

Moon Worship ~ Miss Stephanie Lee (c) Christopher Perez

And to be more exact, Christopher doesn’t really take pictures of them but crafts pictures with them. Instead of inventory props or accessories from dedicated online stores, clothing, gear and other objects are usually integral to the model’s life and way of life, chosen by or with the model. Hence the naturalness in these otherwise elaborate compositions.

Untitled photograph by Christopher Perez

Untitled (c) Christopher Perez

OK, so maybe the guy above is an exception to the rule 😉 But that’s the way portraits of the living are made, any way.

And this is where YOU can help ! Christopher, being new to Paris, would like to meet new models. People with a story to tell. Artists, fortune tellers, circus artists, street artists, homeless people, travelling wilburys, heck anyone with a desire to share feelings.

Master Mason of Ceremonies, by Christopher Perez

Master Mason of Ceremonies (c) Christopher Perez

And if you can think of a gallery that might be interested in displaying this work, that great too. In either case, just leave a comment or hook up with Christopher on Google+.

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