#102 Patagonia’s “carrera austral”, so much beauty for so few…. (3)

By philberphoto | News

May 10

So there we are, Boris and I, walking the trails of Patagonia, trails which, by the way, are in perfect condition, an amazing and delightful surprise considering how few people were there at the end of the tourist season: we hardly met anyone, even on 3-hour walks…

Here are some examples of the infrastructure

So, what is to be seen on these wonderful rainforest walks? Ferns, of course. Ferns like this, with the Canon…

or like these two with the Sony…

And, along with ferns, mushrooms, lots of them, and moss, and lychens..Obviously this type of shooting is ideal for NEX 7 and Leica 60 R Makro, but it ain’t that bad with Canon 5D III with Zeiss ZE 50 f:1.4

Still, the real beauty of the rainforest does not lie so much in the inividual plants, beautiful though they may be, as in the ecosystem they create:

Much as I’d love to post more shots, we have to move on, reflecting the fact that Boris and I would more than happily have stayed much longer than our schedules allowed. So, just as we had to be selective in our viewing and trekking and shooting, I have to be in my posting.

And the next episode, after the closed in views of the rainforest, will show grand and open vistas….