#92. Spirit of La Ciotat

By pascaljappy | News

Mar 09

Taking a break from reviewing and actually taking pictures 🙂 Not exactly artistic mind you, just a family afternoon walk, but real pictures nonetheless.

La Ciotat is a village on the Mediterranean coast of Provence, once a vast center of shipyards and later a ruined community of unemployed with no hope of finding a job again when the ship building industry shifted to cheaper, more profitable parts of the world.

A old crain in La Ciotat

Just over ten years ago, the dying village began to resurface as a fashionable place to just 20 minutes away from Marseilles and from the ashes of derilict buildings and houses started growing luxury villas and beach restaurants.

Ropes holding tight to sail boat in La Ciotat

The old shipyards now service 70m luxury yachts and the old harbor has become a popular and bustling resort offering an intrguing mix of old and new, of chic and gruby, of hip and old-fashioned.

Red flags on sail boast in La Ciotat harbour

I leave you with a few more pictures from my week-end stroll.

Two lovers in La Ciotat harbour

La Ciotat harbour

A sailboat under repair in La Ciotat

Two dragon boats in La Ciotat harbour

Traditional boats in La Ciotat harbour

The remains of someone's lunch on the roadside in La Ciotat

A propeller turned statue in La Ciotat

A propeller turned statue in La Ciotat

A propeller turned statue in La Ciotat

A renovated mansion in La Ciotat

  • Joan says:

    Very nice pics, wish i’d go there sometimes ^^

  • Semmelb says:

    Please tell us which lenses you have used.


    • pascaljappy says:

      All the pictures here were made using a Sony NEX-5n camera and the Zeiss ZM Biogon 25mm f/2.8. Some are cropped and may look like they were made with longer lenses.

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