#74. From Paris with Love

By pascaljappy | News

Dec 09

I’m taking a break from reviewing just to show a few pictures from a recent work trip to Paris. I mostly used in camera B&W for quick snaps.

A statue of a large head in Place Sainte Opportune, Paris

What a place to sleep

The round shape on top of a bump in the Place Saint Opportune paving makes me feel like it could start rolling if the hand wasn’t holding it. A circle in a square makes a powerfully centric composition and restores stability. Maybe I should have done the opposite to strengthen the feeling of tension?

Arches in the Sainte Opportune Church in Paris


This is a detail of the arches on the front of the large church on the same location (see below). This was made for the ongoing test of the NEX-5N vs the Leica M8.2, but hush 😉

The frontage of the Eglise Sainte Opportune

Eglise Sainte Opportune

One thing I love in Paris are the roofs. If you can get a view from a vantage point, it’s well worth your time. Stay away from the posh quarters and head for the older areas for a jumble of pipes, scaffolds, chimneys and … people.

A jumble of chimneys and pipes on old parisian roofs

Parisian Roofs

For something more traditional, here are a few passages (blurred, sorry) and …

Gallerie Vivienne

Gallerie Vivienne

… the almost cliché café table.

Tables and chairs in front of a parisian caffe

Café Terrace

I’m a regular at a hotel in the center and feel at home there. But I continued shooting in B&W and chose empty subjects to render a lonely feeling. What do you think?

Feet on a bed, feeling lonly in a hotel room

Lonely Feet

A plastic chandelier in a hotel in Paris

Hotel Lamp

The do not disturb sign hanging from the doornob in a Parisian hotel room

Disturb, Do Not

A view across a glass roof passage way to houses in Paris

Room With a View

A scary plaster figure from the Musée Grévin

Scrary Grévin

And finally, an amusing figure (from the Musée Grévin) in a window in the passageway leading to the hotel. Which do you prefer, colour or B&W ?

A scary face behind a window

Watch Your Back

  • Love your photographs, you have a great eye.

    • pascaljappy says:

      Thanks a lot! I love your writing and the pictures you post with them. Feel free to use any of mine if they can be useful. Oh, and, who is that person in your gravatar? That is such an extraordinay figure and so well captured! Amazing. Have a great day.

  • captcav says:

    Great job ! the last one in B&W 🙂

  • pascaljappy says:

    Thanks CaptCav 😉 I can’t wait to se the rest of your pics of Argentina 🙂

  • Philippe says:

    A brilliant set, to be sure! My personal taste would lead me to try less contrast than you are using, and see how that works, for example for the “room with a view”. Cheers!

    • pascaljappy says:

      Hi Philippe, you are right that contrast is very right. I will investigate other variations in the future, though I must say I love high contrast when it doesn’t introduce too much unsubtlety. Talk soon 🙂

  • float_world says:

    Hello, I’ve been lurking on your site for a few weeks. I love what you’ve been creating with the NEX. Keep up the great work and sharing when time allows.

    BTW, I prefer the colour version in this case.

    • pascaljappy says:

      That’s very kind of you. For all its minor flaws, the NEX is a small and liberating camera that encourages experimenting and creativity. And so fast to use !!

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