#65. My God, it’s full of stars!

By pascaljappy | News

Nov 16

UPDATE : A summary of all this website’s reviews of the Sony NEX-5n and NEX-7 is now available.

A pohotographe of the autumn milky way from France using a Sony NEX 5N and Leica Elmarit 19

The Milky Way, Sony NEX-5N

As mentioned in my previous post, Welcoming the NEX-5N, a new camera just arrived at my door today, which I intend to use exclusively with manual lenses. The NEX-5N has a bit of a reputation as a wonderful low-light camera and I have a reputation as an astronomy freak. Hence the picture above.

Which, I must say, is very very good. It is a 25″ shot through a Leica Elmarit-R 19mm at F/2.8and ISO1600. No long exposure reduction, no noise reduction. Just a slight desaturation and push of the blacks in LightRoom and off you go. The number of stars captured is really impressive. If you look 2/3 up the enlarged version, you will see a small galaxy on the left (like a plume around a star). Hats off to the lens as well for producing round stars throughout the frame. And well done Novoflex for making an accurate adapter: the lens was focused at infinity without verification of focus and all is tack sharp. Couldn’t be happier.

A few weeks ago, I tried to image the Draconids meteors for my Facebook SkyShare page. The light of the moon made this difficult and not a single trail was captured in an hour of imaging. The vividness and sharpness of the meteor at bottom right is really impressive here! Kudos Sony, that is indeed one sweet sensor.

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