#533. Japan – on the streets

#533. Japan – on the streets

A final Japan post to bring together a collection of black and white images – OOC JPGs using Fuji’s Acros emulation – shot on the streets of Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka. Mainly shot with the X-Pro2 and either 23mm f1.4 or 35mm f1.4.










































































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    jean pierre (pete) guaron December 02, 2016

    Superb street photography, Paul !!! 🙂

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    pascaljappy December 02, 2016


    what a fantastic series ! You make the world in these cafes and restaurants come alive. But my two faves are those revealing “parallel” universes, the lady behind the plastic curtains and the two narrow shops with rows of seats. Really great stuff. Thanks.


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    philberphoto February 20, 2017

    Catching up afte rsome weeks, your pics are abfab. Some would defintitely find a suitable home in a fine arts gallery. Ever pursued the thought, ’cause there are some gems here?

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