#531. Osaka colour

#531. Osaka colour

Osaka. Huge industrial city. Busy.


Another view of modern Japan, in that it’s a city of contrasts; brutally, digitally modern alongside glimpses of a different life, more cultured and ordered. Much as it’s been for centuries.


Tech note; all images shot with the Fuji X-Pro2 and either Fuji’s 23mm f1.4, or 35mm f1.4.


Eye note; the top of the image below is horizontal, despite what your eye(s) are telling you!




































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  1. Avatar
    vr November 26, 2016

    Great photos, Japan is my next destination. Regards, Vlad.

  2. Avatar
    Joakim Danielson November 26, 2016

    Another great set from Japan!

  3. Avatar
    artuk January 23, 2017

    I visited Japan 3 times about 10 years ago, and enjoyed the Japanese modernity. The Tokyo International Forum in Ginza was a beautiful sail-like convention centre with most of it’s space underground, a stark contrast to the UK’s bland concrete National Exhibition Centre. I never found the Japanese modernism and futurism “brutal” at all, since culturally they seem to believe that it will make their futures better, offset with a great deal of ritualised tradition to keep them grounded. “Brutal” is not a word I would use about Japan, it is a beautiful country, even the modern parts.

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