#528. Kyoto colour

#528. Kyoto colour

Kyoto. A city with links to Japan’s history, stretching back centuries.


We managed a couple of days – a kind of taster visit, to help us decide if we wanted to spend longer next time.


Yes. We do. It’s a great city.


What does it look like? Here’s a few samples:




































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  1. Avatar
    Sean November 19, 2016

    Hi Paul,
    Quite simply, these images are super. Rich in emotive detail. Well done.

  2. Avatar
    Joakim Danielson November 21, 2016

    A great set of photos, like an appetizer for Kyoto!

  3. Avatar
    pascaljappy November 22, 2016

    Brilliant, Paul! Thanks for letting us into this superb place.

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