#523. The MacBook Pro. Overpriced gimmick or World’s best laptop for photographers ?

#523. The MacBook Pro. Overpriced gimmick or World’s best laptop for photographers ?

First world problems, right ? …


My current workhorse laptop has been round the globe a few times, seen concrete floors close up too often and is in dire need of replacement.

Having recently bought an amazing Dell XPS 13 which has a fabulous screen and a high power i7 CPU, but is too small for photo editing, I’ve been looking for a larger replacement. Obviously, the XPS15 seemed like the natural candidate. But, with the launch of the new MacBook Pro a few weeks in the future, I waited. With growing anticipation.dsc05443-pano

Now, I’m not so sure. On the plus side:

  • Cool design
  • A screen that could well be the absolute star of the show
  • The dynamic touch bar, which could be an answer waiting for a problem or a brilliant shortcut
  • Super fast SSD
  • (apparently) great memory management and relatively lean & clean system


  • My new laptop would have a slower CPU than the 3 year-old one it replaces. Seriously uncool.
  • As for the GPU, my mechanical watch probably has a better one. Not a big issue, though, as photo editing doesn’t require much help from the GPU. This may change with newer versions of out editing software.
  • 16Gb memory. Even with good management, the stupid resolution increases we are being served in place of actual IQ do pause a real threat to performance with limited RAM.
  • Corporate ego / neglect which messes up the user experience for negligible aesthetic “advantages” (no SD card reader). Unless, that move is just a way to sell adapters. Which would be really, really, pathetic from what once was the most desirable brand on the planet.


All in all, it looks like Apple have worked hard to make the new MacBook Pro slim and long-lasting on a charge. Neither benefits really matter to me.

So what do you think?

Do any of you use MacBooks with large files (assembling 6 42Mpix RAW files into a pano isn’t the same as working on a single 16Mpix image? Are you happy with your choice? Any recommendations, warnings or caveats? Speak up, I’m pretty sure many others are asking themselves the same question!

Oh, and, yeah : silver or space grey ? 😉

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